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Don’t be fooled. Laser tattoo removal is a real medical procedure.

Only 11 states in the United States allow tattoo artists to remove tattoos, and Minnesota is one of those states. Most states realize that tattoo removal lasers are much more powerful than hair removal lasers, and therefore, they restrict their use to only the most qualified practitioners. Because these lasers can cause serious damage to your skin if not used properly, they only allow tattoos to be removed in doctor’s clinics. At the Tattoo Removal Shop, Dr. Towey is in the clinic performing laser treatments, whereas most local tattoo artists who do tattoo removal have a doctor supervisor who lives in another state, hundreds of miles away, where he is of no help should you have a problem.

Having a real doctor remove your tattoo has other benefits too. We keep up on the latest advancements, so we can remove your tattoo as quickly and safely as possible. Another major benefit is pain management. Our lasers are so strong that they can be quite painful, but after we numb up your skin, your removal shouldn’t hurt any more than it did when you had it put on.

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Others may state that they can remove your tattoo in some number of treatments, but we back it up with action. We can guarantee it will be removed; we have never had a tattoo that we could not remove.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Visit the pictures page to see before and after photos of some of our former patients. These people started out just like you. Their pictures will give you an idea of what you should expect with us.

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