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Sign-up discount:   Sign up during your consultation and receive an additional 5% off your total removal.

Price comparisons:  We strive to keep our prices affordable.  Our prices are comparable to those of similar tattoo removal clinics across the country, and less than those charged by most other medical professionals.  You can find tattoo artists or Medi-spas using cheaper, inferior equipment, who can do tattoo removals for less, but beware.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  If you go to someone with high quality equipment, your tattoo will come out more completely and in fewer visits.  If you go to someone with a strong educational background who keeps up on the latest developments, your skin is more apt to look completely normal after the removal.  Money is always important, and we think our prices are fair, but not having to look at a scarred in, poorly removed tattoo for the rest of your life is important too.  Everyone would agree that we are the top clinic in town for tattoo removal, and we think we offer a good value.

Payment options:  In our experience, 90% of tattoos come out completely in the expected time frame, but 10 % take much longer to remove.  Unfortunately, there is no way to know which tattoo is going to be troublesome before we begin.  That is why, in addition to being able to pay per treatment, we offer the option of paying one price for unlimited treatments.  That way, no one has to be stuck paying too much for a removal, or worse yet, paying all that money and being stuck with a half removed tattoo.  You can pay this amount in interest-free, monthly installments, spread evenly over the expected time of your removal.   No credit check is required.  The cost is roughly the same either way you choose, but the guarantee gives you added peace of mind.  If you’re nervous, start with a single treatment; then, if you like what you see, you can convert to multiple treatments and take advantage of the guarantee.

Others may state that they can remove your tattoo in some number of treatments, but we back it up with action.  We can guarantee it will be removed.  We’ve never had a tattoo that we couldn’t remove.  Not only can we make it look like it was never there, but if you are unlucky enough to be one of the 10%, we will do all of the extra treatments you need for free.